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    • How is this not so polite ?  Please login or register to see this attachment.
    • As I stated Robo if you didn't like it then eBay might be a better choice , classifieds  were installed because it is what the members asked for years earlier and were promised it but never installed these were HENCE's words , once installed no one liked it so damned if I do damned if I dont. 
    • At First I joined this site too find and buy a 1982 Team hotfoot,And build a copy of one I had back then.Then I was astounded by the knowledge and help from members on this site,and I caught the BMX bug!! The help from members like JOHN,FILMOTE ,TACK,and others,was more than I could have ever expected.I couldnt wait too log on and see if anyone had stuffed up,TMS40 would be straight on too them.I dont know why ,but I got a kick out of him,setting things straight.LOL. I was learning and wanted too learn about every thing bmx.I now have a dozen bikes,The site and members had a big influence on me and I thank you all..........I can say that for some reason this site for me,has lost its Mojo,Face book,maybe,Im not on It ,so I woulnt know,But I did notice a decline in posts.And It makes sense.I personally,Havent been visiting this site because It has turned into a over protective,politically correct,Anti everything site.Some members,including myself,have witnessed,that if we make a comment,Or give an opinion on this site, then we may be suggested to use another site,Or we should just BUTT out of OZBMX,s business.When the new FOR SALE came,I simply re-confirmed another members personal view on why we liked the old (for sale thread) As we and other members are not always particularly searching for a part,(As that is what the WANTED thread is for),But looking for something that catches our eye,or may need in the future. , and I was not so politely told (That Maybe I should Join Ebay Instead)???? This is not  a reply to try and cause any trouble on this site,And only MY personal statement.I may well be wrong in this instance.More than anything,Whatever the problems may be,I still want too learn and share BMXing with others,and wish this site to hold strong.
    • CheersJase       So this has been bugging me since it was built ..   The lack of cable holders , not a big fan of cable clips I  went with velcro . Tried cable ties but not keen on those either  . So been looking for a while and found these ...   After 5 weeks arrived today ..     Makes things look a bit smoother to me rather than a big bit of velcro . Held on by 3m double sided tape . Bit more pleasing to the eye.   Please login or register to see this attachment.
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