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  2. 1981 Torker L.P

    Beautifully restored by the magician Arthur 1981 Torker L.P
  3. Sometimes it's just better to hang on to everything.
  4. Long gone now unfortunately.
  5. Fast payment and good communication..


  6. Great survivor, i like this bike a lot as it looks just like my old Apollo, just better parts. Snakebellies rule.
  7. IMG-1853.jpg

    1980 BMX Products Moto Trac
  8. Where did u get the decals from mate.
  9. 1985 ANLUN

    1985 ANLUN
  10. Some more images. Bars are super wide on this so assuming are uncut.
  11. Real nice.
  12. Had this HLT for a long time now and just wanted to post it in a 'survivor state' in case i start work on it and forget to. Everything is correct as far as i can tell except for, rims, tires, grips, missing front brake, padset. Let me know if you spot anything else (not 100% sure about the seat post, its a twin flute, chromed alloy which seems appropriate) I have a set of correct rims (1.5 chrome arayas) in v.bad condition that i might restore one day, currently has Ukai chromes. I'll keep looking for the B1B's and front brake. More images to come Thanks.
  13. I had this bike when i was 10. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi all I’m after 80s mongoose bike to do up or a frame in Melbourne cash waiting thanks 

  15. check your PM's please 

  16. wtf went on with the above scribble! Anyhows, luvin the Curtis...made to order i think? f&f only or summin like that! No? My buddy had one, it was a really nice ride with very lean, clean lines & the geometry was perfect (for me anyhow). Anyway, i luv em and i think you've done a gr8 job,,,,,hatzoff shes gorg
  17. 1981 Kuwahara KZ1

    1981 Kuwahara KZ1
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