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  2. Totes noob on the new forum (looks great!) - is it just me being blind... or is there no way to search the For Sale section?

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  4. Nos 85 Haro Sport frame set
  5. Thanks for the reply.Just a guess, Is it the seat from Asia,nearly $500.00?

    1. Maverick


      Nah mate, a dude here in Oz has some. Yes, some, he had three last time I seen them. He was asking $800 a piece though. I want one myself, but I can't bring myself to pay that much. They are all perfect NOS.


  6. 1982 Redline MXII

    My Redline MXII I got when I was 12 yrs old...........
  7. Cheers @olds cool I enjoy restoring all kinds of bikes. I get more out of the low budget ones, I like to do the painting. I just need to get better at the prep.
  8. Pretty sure I only had the one set. Dia compe 128's.
  9. A pair of alloys for $50 ? That's cheap, even if they are no name. Can't believe they haven't sold yet.
  10. Are these identical to the originals, & if not,, where do they differ?
  11. No worries at all bro... enjoy
  12. No mate, nothing I can see
  13. Mods, lock this up please. Will part it out soon. Thanks
  14. sweet looking 1987 smoke chrome cruiser
  15. I'm over this place.
  16. Very interesting.
  17. What sort of $$$$$ Mark
  18. Any stamping Mark
  19. Sorry all good sorted thanks Aiden
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