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  2. 1983 Hutch Pro Star survivor

    One of two (that I'm aware of) original 1983 Hutch Pro Star Survivor. Not a lot that I can say about this bike, other than it's the coolest thing I've owned by quite a distance. All the components are stamped the same month and year, and while I've got chrome pads on it in this pic, it actually shipped with a black set. It matches the Pro Star test bike note for note, and to me represents what might have been in my childhood had my family had any money at all (I'm sure that's a universal story for a lot of us). I want to give a shoutout and special thanks to the guy who made it possible for me to own this, he's as solid a citizen as anyone in the hobby, and someone I regard as a real friend, even though I've only ever known him via email and phone.
  3. hey Darren shane here I've lost your phone number can you drop in the shop and give it to me cheers bud


  4.  Good seller, excellent price and packaging and excellent communication. 

  5. Hey ugga, couldn't  find many pics from the 2017 Sydney Santa ride, where they at bro...


  6. Coool
  7. Quicksilver team 1980
  8. Hi Mate , please send me your payment details so i can sort out the payment for you. I will advise of the shipping details once i have hade the payment for the HUTCH OPC polished lock .. Cheers George 

  9. Restored but with some custom non catalogue parts
  10. Restored and ready to ride
  11. Top Shelf Buyer - No B.S. here

  12. The sport came from Chip @ C4 he was thinning his collection and contacted me ............I have 3 NOS circuit boards green , blue ,and pink still looking for a yellow
  13. That's a awesome find, I would love to find a circuit board as well, nice work
  14. 1980 mongoose

    Found in a dumpster, NOS lesters, first build.
  15. Hello Darren, any more tyres for sale mate?

  16. 77 Raceinc

    © Bj

  17. 79 DG

    © Bj

  18. 82 PK Ripper

    © Bj

  19. 83 National Pro

    © Bj

  20. 81 Supergoose

    © Bj

  21. 76 Mongoose Motomag

    © Bj

  22. 83 GT Pro

    © Bj

  23. Thanks mate just waiting on the decals & Pads to arrive as I've been doing the long search for OG & finally found them.
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