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  1. Hi Kurt,

    Just wanted to touch base, I've finally got the Zeronine Pro XL build underway. Paint & decals are done and I'm gathering parts to slowly put it together  :good_mini:

    Cheers Mark.




  2. Diamondback Medium Pro

    I'll take the cranks if you part out. Thanks
  3. Diamondback Large Pro Bars

    Basically non smoked turbo bars.....the senior pro bars varied from about 27-28" depending on the sweep.
  4. Diamondback Models

    Large pro was 79-80 and had a more laid back seat post tube. Also had 3mm drop outs. See first pic The senior was introduced in 81 and ran til 83. The senior is the same as a Turbo. Much more upright seat tube post - almost parallel with the head tube. Had single dropout forks. See second pic
  5. 1980 Se Looptail Quad,,

    I reckon you'll regret it mate. I have 3 hanging in my wall I've thought about selling for a while. Like yours they are hard to find if you ever want another.... Have a XXXX in your back shed and think about it man
  6. Hi Guys, Just chasing an 84/85 GT Pro Performer FRAME ONLY. Have plenty of gear to trade or pay de niro's. Thanks KD
  7. Facebook Prices

    Better than mint.... Better than NOS going by the price!!
  8. Facebook Prices

    I know people want to try and recover money they spend on BMX where they can, but fark me, $1,950 for a refinished PK Ripper frame and fork..... Or $2,500 for a silver streak that isn't even original is just flat out retarded..... That is all
  9. Another Weird One

    I'd go revcore too....and if you're selling I'm buying
  10. The cranks are clearly refinished too.... And I suspect the wheels have been as well. It should probably be disclosed.
  11. All this gear has been refinished right?
  12. Diamond Back Jersey Iron On's - Late 80's.

    Is the red a complete set to make the same as the jersey?
  13. Ukia Speedlines And 92 Haro Master... ..

    Is that the whole wheel set or just the rims?
  14. Bmx Bandits Diamondback

    There were a few different models used - Senior Pro was the main bike but there must have been a few of them too. The opening scene shows them spinning their DX pedals and then as soon as they take off the DB has MKS pedals!! Also the bike used to jump the ute after they pass old mate with the blow up doll is different too ..... it's a non loop tail so it's probably a formula 1??
  15. What Is This Frame And Fork And Bars

    Started off so well......."A mate gave it to me" ... good mate to give you a bike Then became .... "Do you think someone would pay $200 bucks for it."....... good mate just got fukd