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  1. VIC - 2016 Hurstbridge Show & Shine

    Ok. Wife and I have booked the time off work. Leaving Adelaide Friday and staying at Thomastown Friday Saturday and Sunday nights. Bringing 3 bikes. One is the prototype of a South Aussie icon for feedback 36  years after the first bike was made by this company. Also have heard another Adelaide lad who is an ex Diamond Back factory rider may be coming and his survivor team bikes are stunning!  Look out we are coming!!

    Attention to detail and thats just the photo's! Those pedal angles are O.C.D Jon!! Awesome work mate.
  3. Can't believe that people are still using elbow grease! Chuck them in the dishwasher!
  4. Black brake rub on gold rims?

    Buy some Vans and use them as brakes. Definitely no brake rub then!
  5. BMX day street series ADELAIDE

    Might go for a look. Are cruisers ok for this?
  6. Fair compensation...?

    Probably the least stressful outcome.  Not everyone packs to protect....
  7. VIC - 2016 Hurstbridge Show & Shine

    Thinking about coming over from Adelaide for this. Any suggestions for cheap and cheerful accommodation that is close to the venue?
  8. Pro Sight Cruiser 1982

    Already notified him. Thanks anyway.
  9. Pro Sight Cruiser 1982

    Do the sums - this cost about $1400 to build. My loss your gain!
  10. Pro Sight Cruiser 1982

    Ok. On the chopping block is my 1982 Pro Sight cruiser. It is loaded with repop parts as it was to be and has been ridden (who wants to kill nos parts!). It is a cooler option than one of those new release retro bikes, and at a better price. Grips (AME), brakes(dia compe mx1000), stem (nitto mx2), headset (generic), cranks (opc cro-mo), pedals (VPW 747), seat clamp (Dia compe hinged), seat post (generic cro-mo), Skyway Tuffs, and tyres (comp 3 gumwalls) ARE ALL REPOP.  Bars are genuine Supa Roo. Seat is padded Kashimax aero - bought s/hand never checked date so don't know age. Chainwheel is now s/hand Tuff Neck (gearing 39/16). See pic 2. Frame/forks repowdered prior to my ownership. Not show quality but tidy otherwise. Decals are by Hicksy. This is a great bike to ride. Would also make a great retro race bike. It is just surplus to my needs now. I have not used it much at all. Pretty much like a new bike. Price $950 posted. $900 Pick up Adelaide.  Payment DD only. Dibs is king. No part out.  Please note this has been ridden and is not a show bike - just to be clear. But it does look cool!!  
  11. Announcement

    I won peoples choice in bike of the year a few years ago. Can I have a hat please???? ;-p
  12. PROJECT 4130

    Top work Jon & co. Awesome to see your dedication to this legendary brand amount to something that you should be proud of! Has Des Pearce seen it yet? What does he think.
  13. Best sounding V8

    No boost just the purest N/A sound!
  14. Suparoo Boomer Gusset Baby!

    So I guess it arrived then mate! Where did the forks go I sent with it? They are genuine Supa Roo! Nice work! "Decals" were on it when I got it. I have actually seen worse!!
  15. SUPA ROO 24" x 4

    Thanks mate thats my bike. Those bars are genuine stamped Suparoo bars as is the seat post. Rare stuff!! I know where two more of these cruisers are - not bad for 6 out of ten made to still exist today. Here are pics of 5 and six. One is still in SA and the other on the east coast.