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    • Race Gear
      Skywaydays ...... is that your missus ??  Holy smokes 
    • Brisbanites...Yes please!!!
      I feel it's more a question of where do you draw the line on what's personal and what's government responsibility.  It's a bit like 'how long is a piece of string?'  My now 12 year old son elects not to wear a helmet when he goes out on his scooter or skateboard but throws his helmet on for his bike.   He knows the law applies only if he's on his bike and not to his scooter or skateboard.   Is he any more likely to sustain a head injury on his bike?  I doubt it, but that's the law. As far a parenting goes I want him to always wear a helmet.  It's only very recently I've given in on the 'wear your helmet' battle, partly because he's finally worn me down and partly because, again, where is the line between personal and parental responsibility drawn    He is growing up and is only going to continue to have to make more of his own decisions.  So on this one I've decided to educate, encourage and model the use of a helmet but from now on it's his call 
    • Torker2 Bragg
      Survivor, not many of these about and definitely not in the UK.   1988 I think from the serial number, not sure what the 1F 001 means, any ideas?   Cheers Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment. Please login or register to see this attachment.
    • Shimano
      This is a version I had not seen before. They were made from about 1972 for about 10 or 12 years so they would have been road bike hubs but of course are easily converted for BMX use. They appear to be based on the standard hub shell but I do not know if the 333 was a higher or lower spec than the more familiar logo version. Please login or register to see this image. /monthly_2016_05/572b604186702_Shimano01.JPG.957bf6331491b2dffe90e46c591988ca.JPG">
    • 1982 Apollo Mk2 Spitfire BMX Rebuild Restoration
      Don't think so. There is usually a slot on the underside of the lever for cable  fitting. It is usually visible when the levers are switched side for side & I can't see it in the photo.