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For Sale

OZBMX Trading Rules


9 Simple Trading Rules for Sellers:



You must be honest, truthful, and objective when describing and taking photos of your items. Pictures Must be posted


Rule #2

A PRICE must be entered in Aussie Dollars. No requesting payment as Gift, either at sale time or anytime after.


Rule #3

You MUST be in possession of "for Sale item... NO selling on behalf of someone else


Rule #4

Presales, group buys, expression of interest, raffles, fundraisers, or anything of that nature are NOT permitted.


Rule #5

Commercial sales are NOT allowed in the trading forums unless you are a paid up Commercial Member.


Rule #6

Dibs MUST be posted in the thread.... DIBS via PM is NOT permitted


Rule #7

Links to ebay auctions and gumtree sales are permitted providing they are YOUR items and not commercial sales.


Rule #8

BMX, dragster, lowrider, monoshock and skateboard items are ok to be traded on ozbmx, no other items outside of these categories are to be traded on ozbmx.


Rule #9

When a buyer dibs' a sellers item in the trading section you have an obligation to sell the item at the advertised price and to the first member who places dibs in the open forum. Also NO PREFERENCE FOR BUYERS. For example you can’t list an item and say "xyz" has first option, use the PM feature prior to listing.



5 Simple Trading Rules for Buyers:


Rule #1

If you want to buy an item you must place dibs in the open forum for transparency.


Rule #2

Once you have placed dibs you own the item, and should proceed to pay for the item promptly, unless arrangements have been made with the seller... do not dibs then log off.


Rule #3

You should be aware of the seller’s feedback, ask any questions of them you may have prior to paying.


Rule #4

Ozbmx will not be liable for any sales activities that occur on the forum; we do try our best to provide a safe trading environment, hence these rules, but when trading please use your common sense.


Rule #5

NO DIBSING for someone else or DIBS PENDING, you snooze you lose.




Communication is key, both parties are encouraged to use this approach to ensure a smooth transaction.


We have restricted editing of your posts after 10 minutes to help buyers keep track of their purchases.


Please be mindfull of your fellow members using the For Sale section and list multiple items in each thread, not single, so as to avoid clutter in the forum.


Commercial Members names are highlighted in blue and have a "Commercial Member" tag under their user name, they are allowed to shamelessly promote and sell their commercial items on ozbmx as they are paying the bills to keep this site alive  we encourage everyone to support the site sponsors and use their services.


Please hit the "report button" to close your thread once it has been completed or prior to re-listing any item


Please be aware that any member who fails to abide by the above rules may face trading suspensions or be suspended from the site. WE ask everyone to read and understand how things work around here so as to ensure a level playing field for all involved as we try to deliver a safe reliable trading environment




Any thread that does NOT comply with the above rules may be removed without notice


Thank You


OZBMX Management Team


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