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  1. Hello Tablets. Is that $35 SHIPPED?
  2. I hope it is who I think it is who bought them Steve! Or else the for me!
  3. Starsky & Hutch was on last Saturday night, I watched it. Really laughed at a lot of the scenes too.
  4. Go with your gut instinct, Rick. I've hesitated on many things for sale, always about the price, and lost them to someone else.
  5. Paypal again. $500.00 coming your way.
  6. Dibs Steve. Can you send me these with the DX pedal I bought from you a while ago.
  7. And paid........ PM coming again mate.
  8. Yep, Dibs Steve. It's almost 8PM here on Saturday night. I'll do PP please, these will look great on my Silver Streak. PM coming your you now.
  9. Ok thanks Mick.
  10. If I was after one of those I'd probably snap it up, but I'm not looking for one of those seats right now. If it was a genuine black Kashimax Aero I'd buy it though, but it's not. What's this "raffle group" you speak of?
  11. That's DARRELL by the way, Mick.
  12. Oh what the hell.............DIBS, Ron. For $40 posted to my address, why not. I'm kind of a newbie at Direct Deposit, so PM coming your way. But Address details and all that coming in PM. I do have 2 x DB's by the way.
  13. Never seen one of these, Ron, gotta be honest. Great innovation, for bottles of "water" and the like.
  14. If I did choose to have a Skyway, the frame would definitely be in white. It's what I remember from BITD.