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  1. All sorted here
  2. Will be looking for a freestyle project in the very near future After something in the 87-90 era If you have something you were possibly thinking of parting with, hit me up Cheers
  3. Thanks George
  4. Looks as though you ended up with 3 of my old Crisps Matt 92 flyer-pink,should have J stamped on inside of rear drop and fork drop Blue flyer Alloy model Glad they have a good home now
  5. If you ever sell em George please give me first offer to get em back
  6. Southpaws will not work on these. You need the clem rear hub with the locking collar for the left side
  7. frame weight should be 1.950kg and the forks should weigh 0.938
  8. around the 85-6 era
  9. so its an early cruiser then,by the time the 3rd gen 20" frames went to production they doubled the width of the rear dropouts to 4mm I think it was. 1st and 2nd gen 20" frames had thin dropouts,the only difference was the flanged head tube on the 2nd gen compared to straight head tube on 1st gen. the cruisers started coming into production with the 2nd gen 20" as they only made 20" pro,mini and AC interceptor in the 1st gen
  10. how thick are the rear dropouts?
  11. you have yrself a Crisp cruiser there mate nice score
  12. Nearly finished my Long,just gotta get some bars,make some minor adjustments and away we go
  13. go some hutch pedals and bars,Oakley grips,kashi blue suede seat not sure on stem and seat clamps yet or post but I'll get there
  14. This is my current build in progress 82 Patterson Long
  15. getting there slowly,still need a few bits but should look good when I finish the little one