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  1. All sorted here
  2. Will be looking for a freestyle project in the very near future After something in the 87-90 era If you have something you were possibly thinking of parting with, hit me up Cheers
  3. Thanks George
  4. Looks as though you ended up with 3 of my old Crisps Matt 92 flyer-pink,should have J stamped on inside of rear drop and fork drop Blue flyer Alloy model Glad they have a good home now
  5. If you ever sell em George please give me first offer to get em back
  6. Southpaws will not work on these. You need the clem rear hub with the locking collar for the left side
  7. just wondering if anyone on here from penrith-mountains area would have any info or pics or anything really on the hickeys rd track please
  8. frame weight should be 1.950kg and the forks should weigh 0.938
  9. around the 85-6 era
  10. so its an early cruiser then,by the time the 3rd gen 20" frames went to production they doubled the width of the rear dropouts to 4mm I think it was. 1st and 2nd gen 20" frames had thin dropouts,the only difference was the flanged head tube on the 2nd gen compared to straight head tube on 1st gen. the cruisers started coming into production with the 2nd gen 20" as they only made 20" pro,mini and AC interceptor in the 1st gen
  11. how thick are the rear dropouts?
  12. you have yrself a Crisp cruiser there mate nice score
  13. Nearly finished my Long,just gotta get some bars,make some minor adjustments and away we go
  14. just wondering if anyone can tell me how to repair screwed spindles in skyway pedals,one of them has more slop than a pen at a pig farm
  15. This is my current build in progress 82 Patterson Long
  16. go some hutch pedals and bars,Oakley grips,kashi blue suede seat not sure on stem and seat clamps yet or post but I'll get there
  17. getting there slowly,still need a few bits but should look good when I finish the little one
  18. Its not everyday you have the owner of a company contact you and tell you that you have a prototype but that's what happened yesterday I have had a frame and fork in my possession for a number of yrs now and I could never quite figure out exactly what it was. It was suggested it could be a number of brands including RRR,well by a stroke of pure luck,I had a guy come and pick up some pedals,when he spotted it and said,"That's a RRR,I know the guy who used to make them and he gave me his name and told me to contact him,I sent him a msg with pics and he replied with,Yes it is a RRR,but didn't go into detail. It was then suggested I contact Mr Robielle himself,which I did. Russ got back to me last night with some info that made me a very happy boy. He proceeded to tell me I have a RRR prototype that was manufactured in Port Kembla before the manufacturer in Penrith went into production. All these yrs and persistence has paid off for me again. The first pics below are my proto f/f and the pics of the frame with cranks is how they ended up(courtesy of Mr Robielle). And the pic of the gate start,has the guy closest to the camera riding a RRR So I hope you enjoy the info and pics as much as I have solving this little mystery
  19. T/T on this is 19-1/2,the T/T length on the final product was around the 21" mark
  20. I would like to take the opportunity right now to give gratitude and thanks to the following 4 people Rick Ohlson for putting me in touch with the right person Clayton Aussel who confirmed it was a RRR and who's Dad was the manufacturer of RRR and Advantaj in Abel st,Penrith Darren May,who pointed me in the right direction at the right time and to the right person And Mr Robielle himself for taking the time out to reply with the information I was waiting to hear Cheers and Thanks Guys
  21. Thanks mate,it has taken yrs but I now know what it is,with the help from a couple of very decent guys
  22. It takes a 20" wheel mate,you can only run a 1.75 tyre as it just about touches the bb I have been told that when these first appeared,there were some U.S. riders out here and they all rolled around laughing,until they got smashed and couldn't catch them. The RRR rider pictured above apparently had the gates dialled all day and was hauling it home
  23. My 82 Long
  24. here is my mini,78-9 made,original decals and nickel finish with tange forks,Torker ultra stem etc.........
  25. Here is mine Darren May's old Factory f/f This will be my rider for now until I gather the parts needs to do a tribute build to Darren