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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. Really appreciated. Yes they are soft! But well I have compared the picture with the one shown on BMX Museum and they are look different especially the "a" letter on the embossed "Oakley" on the flange ends. I'm quite hesitate to accept the deal. The price is quite high to me and I'm not quite fancy on this model much Natty
  2. Hi mates, Need you input on this please. Someone asked me $90 per pair for these The "a" letter on the "Oakley" looks a bit strange to me!! I do not think they are real....any idea would be much appreciated. Cheers Natty
  3. SUGINO 400
  4. Hi all, I might have used the wrong term on " & "silver metal flake". Sorry bro for my poor Eng. I think it should say "silver metallic" rather than "silver metal flake". So I think if we use "silver metallic" as the primer so we would actually see the difference effect between both "silver metallic" vs "silver" (just silver) under the candy paint. Am I correct? and which way I should go from now
  5. Thanks very much for the info. But to be honest I still not sure about the primer color you all just said about The one I have with original paint looked a bit in metal flake under the clear red. Maybe I need to post the picture of the frame?
  6. Hi there, I'm about to have my 1980 DB Large Pro painted in Candy Blue. Not certain sure about the base color that I should put on. Anyone can tell me whether to go with Silver or Silver with metal flake? Your input would be much appreciated. Cheers Natty
  7. Nice indeed!
  8. Thanks very much indeed. Wishing all the members here all the best in this festive season
  9. I can remember now Mark
  10. Thanks a lot for all input gentlemans.
  11. Oh yeah....I used to live in Leicester for about 3-4 years for my degree. Probably we did trade parts before but can't remember exactly. What's your real name Sparky? I have been visited your website quite a while now and thought it would be great to join the website and share some info we have that may worth for someone. Natty
  12. Here some pictures of the DB Silver Streak I mentioned. The picture from my library and sadly I could not take more picture as I have sold the frame set to my best friend. I believed this is Tange made version. The angle of the forks pretty much like KZ1 forks. If we need to do more investigation wish I would do let me know I could ask my friend to get more pictures for us Cheers Natty
  13. Has anyone know about DB Silver Streak made by Tange? I recently bought the complete bike 1983 DB Silver Streak from the States and found out that there is generic Tange stamped on the steer tube. There also DB & Koizuni decals on the steer tube. Are they the same company or factory? Also I have noticed that the one I mentioned has slightly difference on the welds. It looks more Tange one the welds when compared with the Koizumi one. Evenmore, the angle of the forks not that slant as it should as we'd expected to see from this model... We also have found one in Thailand with the same specs as I mentioned above. Any input would be much appreciated. Cheers Natty
  14. Hi everyone, Natty's here. This is my first post really on this wicked website. Recently I have got the DB Large Pro frame set from the good mate on BMX Museum so I need a lot of input from DB lovers here to finish my project. Cheers Natty