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  1. Profile mini hubs laced to Sun RhynoLite XL rims ( Envy rims weren't released until late '08 early '09) Polished hubs and chrome rims will look great with the blue FBM Camaro! Good luck!
  2. Awesome bikes Scotty!
  3. Just ride it! They're a great bike but I don't think they will be that collectable in the future! There was a bike review done on that exact bike in BMXPlus magazine back in '08, I've got a copy somewhere, I'll try and find it and scan a copy for you!
  4. I've had both a Dirtbike and a .38 special and I can say hands down you'll enjoy the .38 more! But if the mid school look is what you're after, how about an S&M custom .38/dirt bike hybrid?
  5. Just saw Sam Willoughby on ESPN doing a 'Pro Active' pimple cream ad! How good is it for our top riders to get some mainstream media coverage, got to be good for the sport of BMX racing! Good on ya Sam!
  6. Another awesome build Bretto, well done mate!
  7. Rpm

    Looks good Scotty, can't wait to see it in the flesh. I read the specs, looks spot on on paper!
  8. It's interesting that GT mothballed the UB2 and created the alloy Speed series as the top end racer! I don't think Redline would create a lot of hype over another alloy race frame though!
  9. There are a few companies making carbon fibre BMX race bikes, GT Ultrabox2, MBK & Rival come to mind, I'm sure there are others.
  10. With some of the fastest riders in the world riding for them, I'm sure they'll look great!
  11. I've read this before, i was hoping someone here might have some inside info! I'm guessing it's a Carbon fibre frame!
  12. Does anyone know about this 'project '79' Redline Skunkworks thingy?
  13. Had this one for a little while now but been a bit lazy with the photos '89 Mongoose Pro class Eric "Big Daddy" Rupe signature F&F
  14. Found your stickers! Winstanleys Bmx has them for $14aud plus post! I'm working on the pics.
  15. +1 general lee orange The original DK General Lee was built as a gift for then Yamaha motocross star Kevin Windham. (quote: Snap magazine '98). Amongst DK fans, the 4130 General Lees are highly sort after! Keep It OG or powder it orange!