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  1. I reckon you have a Shimano 5000 like this
  2. Great info in that drawing John. I forgot about the Raleighs too. So many Tange made frames out there
  3. It could be a number of different Tange frames but I believe it could be either a Flying Rhino (marketed by Tioga), Tange Shogun or even a Shimano 5000 (US version) Australian version was a Hot heart with boomerang gusset. What forks are on it, that will also narrow it down. Just my 2 cents. Either way nice frames
  4. Outstanding mate, always loved the gold ones.
  5. Very nice George, those rims are awesome I like those Rebel bars too.
  6. Very nice mate, so cool to have the forks with OG paint.
  7. Pretty cool rig, some decent bars on it and I love the grips.
  8. My win stem came stock on the Shimano 4000
  9. Yep mine too.
  10. Nice one Dale, don't see many of those.
  11. I've got that exact same WIN stem mate, Is yours alloy or cast steel? They are bloody tough.
  12. Nice 1 mate, very tidy
  13. Looking good so far. Will be a sweet build.
  14. Looking sweet mate. Love those ESP stems, such a nice long reach. Haven't seen a pair of those Profile horse shoes for a while, they would be awesome but Titrons would look great.
  15. If you want something taller you could also look for some win v bars. 82 Kuwahara cruiser came with them.