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  1. Far out, so cheap mate. I'd grab it but its not really my thing. If you decide to part out I'd grab the wheels. Or if anyone else is interested in the rest we could work out a deal. Cheers Revs
  2. Never considered Chrome powder in the past but that looks great. GLWS
  3. Dibs Haro stem
  4. Hey mate, I've recently started lurking again too. Good to see some old names still about
  5. Mate, so does that mean the Master sold? I hope so coz, I clicked on the add at least a dozen times! The Mrs would have killed me
  6. Mate, if the part out happens I'd be keen on those bars. Have a phaze 1 build in the works. GLWS
  7. Answered my own question, appear to be 25" wide so standards. Cheers
  8. Hiya tee, I'm on my phone so can't really make out the size. Are these pro bars or no? Cheers Revs
  9. Hi guys, seeing as I'll be going to the post office I will ship the tuffs now. Hit me up I want them gone.
  10. Hi All, Was cleaning out my shed today and completely forgot I had these. Will post bars at buyers expense but not the tuffs. Skyway bars, new re-issued. These are from around 2013 ish, only ever show fitted so in new condition. 29"wide $50 Sydney pickup Old school tuff II's. What you see is what you get, no hubs etc. Get creative and turn them into something cool. I sprayed bombed some others and have them hanging in my man shed, they look great. $50 for the pair - Sydney pickup DIBS and PM. Pickup location is Engadine but I work at Rhodes
  11. Thanks gents, I'll give it a try. Freakin frustrating though coz I also regularly search road bikes and mountain bikes.
  12. Fark, so it isn't just me. That is the worst change ever
  13. Guys, A little help please. When searching eBay, I was always able to search by sporting goods>bicycles>bmx Now it seems that the bike type function has gone and I can only get sporting goods>bicycles Tell me it ain't so coz even using keywords brings up a buttload of parts, wooden kids bikes and random shite !