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  1. Great survivor, i like this bike a lot as it looks just like my old Apollo, just better parts. Snakebellies rule.
  2. Some more images. Bars are super wide on this so assuming are uncut.
  3. Real nice.
  4. Had this HLT for a long time now and just wanted to post it in a 'survivor state' in case i start work on it and forget to. Everything is correct as far as i can tell except for, rims, tires, grips, missing front brake, padset. Let me know if you spot anything else (not 100% sure about the seat post, its a twin flute, chromed alloy which seems appropriate) I have a set of correct rims (1.5 chrome arayas) in v.bad condition that i might restore one day, currently has Ukai chromes. I'll keep looking for the B1B's and front brake. More images to come Thanks.
  5. I had this bike when i was 10. Thanks for sharing.
  6. 1981 Kuwahara KZ1

    1981 Kuwahara KZ1
  7. Nice work. I see the motors are made in China, who would have thought...?
  8. Busy days for them back then, I was riding an Apollo mk1 around that time, Quicksilvers were legendary, no-one i knew owned one. Happy to finally have one. I heard Mark builds downhill MTB frames now.
  9. I'll get some more pics. Here's one from from Johnny Chopper FB page and an answer he gave for someone who asked a question. 'Johnny Chopper BMX - Handmade in Australia ...The Z frame in this pic is the first JC 20" race frame I made for myself in 2007...' Not sure how much he raced it, i high sided something fierce and busted the same shoulder i busted 30 yrs ago. I wear my motocross armour now... I don't have FB otherwise I'd ask him some more about it myself!
  10. it's been a while are we still recording serials? here's one 614112M Also, my BIL chats to Mark the Welder occasionally
  11. Mark welded my 81
  12. Blue and white rocks!
  13. JC f/f - JC profile cranks in raw finish Standard bars Snap stem, chainring Random old/new school other stuff Bought the F/F on ozbmx about 5 years ago and built up a few years back. It's one of my daily rides, have come off it a couple times at the track too. The frame is a work of art with tapered tubing, braised cabling, drilling etc... Kept all the stickers on that it came with.
  14. +1 makes these rainy days easier to get thru
  15. Just caught one 5 mins after setting it, should have done it days ago. Friggin mess to clean up now.