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  1. Dibs thanks. Paid thanks. catty
  2. Love Quads. The colours are just right. Well done.
  3. Hmm. Bonehead. I take it that was for me. Okay it seems everytime I make a comment even though they are done without malice it's like i rooted someones sister. No probs.
  4. All frames bar the very first original one made, are reproductions. Although I see what everyones getting at, I for one wouldn't get one. Passed on one of the retro mongooses going cheap. Got four old school ones why would I want a new one. I am sure there are still plenty of old school Quickies around to restore if people want one, collectors who are getting out of the game selling their bikes, so there will always be bikes around.
  5. Before [ after [ [ [
  6. Peace fellas 8-) I promise I won't ask any questions if they don't conform to the feeling of thread.
  7. Yeah I read your post. You didn't get what you wanted so your spitting the dummy. Maybe the bidder didn't want to pay $150. It's an auction, bad luck.
  8. Umm whats the drama here. Aren't people allowed to bid? I think $150 would have been a bargin. By the way it wasn't me.
  9. Just a suggestion. With the museum it would be cool if the bike has the listed parts under it then those parts were hyperlinked or whatever they called, so it then goes on and explain about that part etc.
  10. This is the standard Mongoose copy Cobra, from TBC. I had one of these in the exact same colour with the dual drop forks. The welds are pretty sloppy but when comparing them to the mongoose there isn't much different. [ [
  11. Nickle and yellow done. Well almost needs cables and chain, but it will stay like this as I have moved on to next job. [i [i [
  12. Here you go. Straight off a Premier frame. [
  13. Those bars are the same as I had on my cobra. First set I have seen for a while.
  14. Should be great. Are you going to include the history and scanned ads of the bikes as reference as well?