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  1. Good on your dad for building this cool bike. Great story and great pics!
  2. ^^rich26 I'm sorry to hear this bad news. I hope you have some good mates to give you some support for whatever it's worth.
  3. Thanks Reece. Will look him up.
  4. Any WA members know of any decent steel fabricators that are avaible to do some basic residential stuff before Christmas? Have tried to contact a few already but none bar one got back to me. The one who got back to me quoted figures only a eBay crackhead seller would come up with. He was obviously not short of work! Thanks for reading.
  5. Anybody remember this track from the early 80's? It was a gnarly downhill track up top with a second anticlockwise track at the bottom of it. I remember that only older kids were permitted to actually race on the downhill track. Would LOVE to see pics of either of these tracks especially the downhill one.
  6. Suggestions for Sunday am rides include a possible East Perth or South Perth departure for a ride around the river up past Burswood and back through the city. Aanother option is a Freo departure to City Beach and return. There's heaps of options but it is just a matter of whether or not people would turn up. I know TRUBLUOZ and MartyC have put in tremendous efforts to organise events in the past with little or no interest so I am not holding my breath. Anyway it would be nice if there was a regular ride over here like the Brissy crew do. There are plenty of fantastic bike paths to utilise. Just my thoughts.
  7. Fantastic effort and looking forward to it!
  8. Being a shift worker I do the Friday night rides when I can but like the option of weekend ride as proposed above. So yeah I'm interested especially for 2016 when I plan on having a bit more free time and less excuses not to ride.
  9. She sounds like a classy act!
  10. ^^ Your a good bloke Craig. Scotty would be proud!!
  11. Pretty damn rad!
  12. ^^Cool vids. Thanks Brickos.
  13. ^^Good idea. Once you get a fix on these scum I would unleash the 'debt collector' on them (in a perfectly legal way of course). And I would pay him for the trouble.
  14. I've moved 3 states within the same career and the last time I did this it was hell. It was like starting all over again because my previous experience,history, rank was erased. But I've grown stronger because of it. In short, the older I get the less I like change and the more I like familiarity.. but that tends to make life boring. As for Bamaga, spent a couple of months working there 20+ years ago and did not want to leave lol. But had no family then. Good luck and best wishes for whatever you decide to do.