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  1. Hi, Are these old school or reproductions? Do you have the bracket for the coaster to the frame?
  2. For me, Not a high end part but original front reflector mount for early gooses....I basically bought a complete to get one of these little have two....
  3. After the fake pools debacle not worth the risk any more !!!
  4. Really were all against the new owner when he took over and now this....have you bought any merchandise yet??? Scabs ....go shoot a pig big man...
  5. Well done... Report him to TAX office for non disclosed income if every thing else fails ,lets be serious it was going to happen eventually and here it is!!!
  6. So, Did he sell all simultaneously or had the balls to spread them out...surely the first purchase dude must have run some checks or not?? Or was this guy cashing on in his BMX reputation...I am confused!!!
  7. Besides the beef pattie what else do you add? I find onions soaked in balsamic vinegar adds a nice flovour to the burger.
  8. Just had a bourbon in preparation for a carport salesman....learnt the hard way with the last guy that came out....
  9. Golf hole shot...
  10. Dibs bolts cheers
  11. Grown men creating accounts to change the votes on a bike of the month to win a how sad is this for those involved....
  12. If the studs are the same with same stamping inside then yes OG. The vinyl looks OG to me as it has that rippled texture. A lot of repos are too smooth. I bought a black stem pad nos to finish off a set and was also surprised how different it felt really stiff and I was wondering if it would actually wrap around the stem but it did!!
  13. He may have changed his mind over the last 12 months.......
  14. These pedals should have their own website !!! maybe you should take some more edgy pics with them in an urban environment or near a bike.... i am not a hater but.....