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  1. Probably just a generic Bmx made in Japan like bridgstone or Madison type. A mongoose copy.
  2. The chrome one Has cromo main tubes I think which is why it seems light. aero turbo I think.
  3. Bars for beer Redline Flat STU Pro Bars 28" road rash used chrome faulty in spots no crimping on the stem. $150 posted East Coast or actual cost. GT Pro Bars 26" have crimping at stem and x marks with hack saw and crimping from piston. Chrome is better on this one stickers replaced $100. posted East Coast or actual cost. DD preferred or PayPal
  4. 👹
  5. Dam! I d say it's an MX3 as the the four holes in the bottom bracket indicates that was the weight saving design change.
  6. You need these for Hursbridge!
  7. ^^^^ He's been trying to sell that for ages he bought it if eBay for $600.
  8. I don't think she s any left unless you convince her to do Another print. Run. Go to this web page. http://www.lixbmx.com/contact
  9. Are they 84 forks ?
  10. These things ride super solid no flex and has a long tt. Which model is it Mx or Comp.
  11. Coasters suck when the internal spring snaps and the hub slips 1/4 of a turn before it engages 🙅 Can't beat the braking power in mud! The internal design of coaster hubs is quite the engineering feat. Although an older design needs little Maintence and takes a pounding.
  12. Does this mean that the suntour freewheel hub has some value? Pretty awesome bunny hop BTW. ^^^