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  1. Where's the cheapest place to buy them? I've been wanting to get a couple pairs. Keith
  2. Looks mad, some of these new school flat bike frames look like bloody pretzles. Your grips and tyres look the same as the ones I took off my Opsis and put on the Lineage. I found for firehydrants it helps to have good tyre pressure and go at a good pace but not too fast. Keith
  3. What's the new bike Tonka? I've amost finished building my Haro Lineage. Cherry pickers are a bit of a step up from a tailwhip, how about firehydrants? Keith
  4. I've spent the past hour or so reading a thread on the Museum in regards to the Flatland Trickstar. There have been issues with some people getting forks where the chrome has been sub standard, JDB has offered to replace any defective forks free of charge. There are pegs available that will fit. Keith
  5. Good to see a Rotary win Grand Champion after all these years, shame it wasn't the RX-3 though. Keith
  6. Sorry, Skyway "Grabber" seat.
  7. Happy to help where I can. My Windstyler was the chrome version with pink/green stickers, it had the Trick Top seat, it was ok around the rails but from memory the rubber padding broke away so I replaced it with a Skyway Gripper seat. (Try finding one of them these days!) Just had a quick look in the shed for it but couldn't find it anywhere. I thought the Hi Caliber seats had "TRICK TOP" printed accross the back. I tried looking for a catalog with my model Windstyler but couldn't find anything. Keith
  8. Thanks for posting the pics turk_182, saves me the effort . I'm thinking I'll get the chrome flatland Trickstar and ladder bars if they don't sell out in the next few days. It says on the site that they'll have stems (western H) and cranks available in a few months time. They recommend nothing longer than 170mm cranks for the Trickstars. Keith
  9. Hey all, just wondering if anyone out there will be getting the newly released Hutch Trickstar F/F? They come in either the Flatland or park/street versions, the Flatland set comes in chrome or pink F/F or can be powdered in candy red or blue for a bit extra. Ladder bars, (like the Mike Dominguez signature series bars) are also available. Keith
  10. I'm the same height and was comfortable on the 88 Haro Master which I'm pretty sure is 19.5' TT. I bought a Haro Lineage frame which I'm yet to build up, it's a 20.75 TT and 13.75 chain stay. The new Hutch Trickstar Flatland F/F that's just been released is a 19.5 TT and 13.85 chain stay. The other version of the new Trickstar has a longer TT but no frame stander around the seat post area. Hope that helps. Keith
  11. They're the Hutch Hi-Calliber (<Spelling?) seats from the mid 80's, 85/86? Made by Viscount (I think) for Hutch. My old Windstyler had a white one. I've always been on the thin side so never had probs with it breaking or cracking. They were available without the Hutch markings as well which what you have in that pic. Keith
  12. Good stuff Rex, I know where to send my Super Pro's now. Keith
  13. I've only heard of them being done on BMXMuseum, looking at some Haro's on there people say they had their Super Pro rims re-chromed. I've got some that need re-chroming myself. nikkyp, were yours stripped and re-chromed and who is "Rex"? Keith
  14. Yea hopefully it rides nice too. Went for a ride with my nephews this arvo, no surprise I'm a bit rusty, pretty warm today too so just took it easy. Pulled a firehydrant or 2 and a few tailwhips but a lot of time was spent helping the boys with riding backwards sitting on the bars. Keith
  15. I've heard of people getting Peregrine Super Pro rims re-chromed, didn't seem to be a problem. Keith