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  1. hey KTM There are a few local collectors nearby to you ..... Not mentioning anyone
  2. Reedy repops SOLD
  3. The thread size is 9/16 ( 3 piece crank)
  4. Thanks guys for the purchases and the kind words N.B. The remainder of parts available prices negotiable.
  5. Ok so i havent sold stuff on here forna few years i recon Shipping within australia No payment plans ,no exceptions First up re anno'd DX cranks $750aud shipped Gt hubs sealed $ 200 aud. Shipped MCS stem $160 aud shipped Repro Reedy pedals $300 aud shipped Repro Profile cranks rechromed with BB $400 aud shipped Araya 7x 20 x 1.75 rechromed ( minor pitting ) $250 aud shipped Pm any questions Thanks for looking Cheers Noel
  6. noelmura
  7. Just found this thread , and yep that is one sweet frame set i have a sweet spot for Rhinos
  8. Ah ha , true that John The thing is i love that JMC
  9. Hey John i think you' re on my bike !!! )
  10. Very cool Bear , theres no way you could get a factory build wrong with that info Good stuff
  11. Heres my latest
  12. Some guys have left the hobby ,others have down sized dramatically ,others are still here albiet very quiet What ever the reason ,bmx is about appreciation no matter how much " over polishing" ,under polishing the size of the budget ! Etc I certainly pull away from the haters and keep to my self ........ I am in the hobby for ME Still well and truly here bling and all
  13. Ahh now thats what im talking about Very nice Jim ,keep em coming
  14. Here are a few queens getting raced NOS snakebellys, titron pedals and all Nuff said !!!!
  15. Congratutions Pete (beartrap ) firstly for organizing a fantastic show of which all others will now be measured !!!!! Also a massive pat on the back to all the helpers and sponsors for making this event so sucessful Im certain next year will be bigger and better if a few more peeps show up with their bikes Count me in for a few bikes or 6 Thumbs up bear !!!