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  1. Good stuff guys , keep powering on Team :-)
  2. Airborne
  3. I had a block mounted 1 with a guy on a MCS ... i think they were Euro riders judging by the decals .. i could be wrong tho , it was 30 years ago
  4. r ya still after 1 Xav ??
  5. mite struggle to get fatter rims in the back .. try a set before you lash out n buy some .. nice lil score tho :-)
  6. series 1 from memory , white plate with black decal ,, Trubluoz probably has a better memory than i tho haha
  7. Sold pending Cheers mate :-)
  8. Price Drop .. $500 posted .. or can split
  9. Pedals sold pending Cheers
  10. Up for sale is a set of DX 1/2 pedals , these where NOS when chromed by the previous owner , fitted but never used . The left pedal isnt as smooth as the right ( see pictures ) Ask questions just ask $280 sent via Toll from W.A Cheers
  11. Hey peeps im selling up n 1st up for sale is a Vector Mk2 Frame , Riders condition . No Welds or dings . some paint chips on drop outs n seat mast as in pix and random scuffs etc. Also a set of JC Bottemas . never fitted and has a rattlecan paint job . also a new/fitted Bear trap 2 headset $560 Via Toll from W,A Any questions or more pix just fire away Cheers
  12. 84 Southern cross http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/southern_cross/20445
  13. 10 speed bar ends in the fork steerer tube n seat post to stop grit n moisture getting in .
  14. Irc z tyres too
  15. World cup is on bmxlive.tv now