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  1. Yes still available, im in Melbourne
  2. hahaha yep you got it
  3. Please do mate, look forward to seeing it.
  4. Dont have this black one anymore but heres what it looks like
  5. Cheers mate, yeah its a rebuild, those stickers look real good against the white and also against black.
  6. hey mate, how much for postage to nsw 2198 for the mongoose feame etc ? thanks


    1. david


      also hows the condition, dents, rust, chrome, thanks

    2. MONGOOSE 11

      MONGOOSE 11

      Hey mate,

      no dents. I've just given it an OA bath so all the rust is gone but the chrome is pitted in a few areas.

      Postage should be about $30-$40.

  7. Up for sale is this 96 Expert pro frame and bars, also have the goose neck, seat clamp and post hanging around that i can throw in. $40.
  8. My collection of the midschool Mongooses as they stand so far, have a 98 DMC ready to build and still chasing a 97 DMC and 97 Carbon.
  9. My impatience got the better of me and ive put the old tyres back on so i could it take for a spin.
  10. Thanks mate, I can't decide between red or black for the tyres. Love these frames and they ride really nice too.
  11. Cheers mate, unfortunately couldn't save the original decals and yeah only ever seen the red ones for sale too.
  12. Cheers mate, I love my midschool gooses. Im a sucker for a set of gum walls so think I'm gona go with them but thanks neway.
  13. And the new decals have helped
  14. Have had this sitting around for a few years and finally decided to clean it up. An OA bath, polished with some autosol and its come up a treat. Just needs some new tyres and she will be ready to go.