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  1. Al, people think they can retire on old bmx parts... Gorilla guy, did you even read my post? I said I wasn't fussed over a $50. The point over whats right is more my point! And asked the dude to check his others to which he bluntly told me, 'the one I grabbed diddnt have a crack when it left his hands'. Not oh sorry man, I will check in other words " he couldn't give a flying fuck!" He got what he wanted, but what part of my point makes that right? When it's brought to his attention, and he comes out with that shit?
  2. Everybody is right... The tuff needs to be binned. At least it has the cassette cog on it. The wheel is stuffed. The seller don't care, and he has other sets for sale. I hope he inspects the rest of them more closely. And people check them.. Karma train is coming for this guy...
  3. So you buy something from a random, and on further inspection, its farked, and you let him know and he says bad luck! It wasn't there when it left my hands, yesterday. I guess it cracked in the front seat of my car.. Not padded enough I guess.. After all, I don't really care, (got a good hub out of it) And after which I said to him no big deal, check the others you are selling in case the same thing is going on Tuff wheel splitting inside.. Was a rush day yesterday, and I know of buyer beware. I'm not fussed about the $50, as I told him in a pm, but he has 4 other sets available, but still has the gall to say when it left his hands it wasn't there.. After the dirt was cleaned off it was instantly noticeable! I don't care! Just saying... Pisses me off thinking they can retire on a $50 old school part...
  4. Nice mate.. Very nice :-)
  5. I think the "rumble box" was called "Raw Power" had one as well. :-)
  6. love the pix guys, especially the hot heart with the tab cola pads
  7. Hey Russ, I agree with what Paul said. That is smokin!
  8. awesome!
  9. FFS Sorry mate, I would of picked you up aswell, but I have to go to my sisters, for a burial...
  10. Dromana Foodworks... If you want a box, Depending where you are in Melbs, I could grab it for you... Sure would be awesome! Word on tour forums, is it will likely be early next year.. after the Japan leg of the current tour they are doing with The Crue... Bloody well hope so!!
  11. Hey Dazz, I'm in Melbourne. I found it at the local Foodworks.. Supergoose, Its very smooth. Not bitter, and no weird after taste. Thanks Mick, I will save some, If you come to Knox this year, to take back for you and Glenn, for when you see him again. Gt Interceptor, Yeah, I thought the same thing, The irony with Ace is most interesting... Might be to coincide the tour down here with Motley Crue.. Not a bad drop at all.. Says on the bottle, "Product of Sweden"
  12. Seen this tonight at the local... Never seen it anywhere else
  13. Good to meet some new guys today, Sorry i wasnt more talkative, Diddnt get to sleep till 430 this morning... Thanks to Craig lol.. Was both of us actually.... Cheers.
  14. :'( Dunno if this has been posted.. but seriously? WHY???
  15. Wow. Dont know what else to say. Thanks for sharing.