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  1. 225 usd/314 aud plus shipping tires not included
  2. 100usd/139aud plus shipping one of reflector tabs is damaged
  3. 170usd / 237 aud plus shipping on gt box with parts have a gt Mach one frame with brakes and seatpost 85usd / 118 aud plus shipping
  4. 200usd/275aud plus shipping clamp not stamped has patina - needs cleaning
  5. 100 usd plus shipping
  6. 250usd plus shipping
  7. 10 percent off
  8. 225usd/303 audi plus shipping
  9. It will be 250usd/337aud plus shipping for frame fork headset seat clamp seat seatpost. The other parts are not included anymore.
  10. 400 usd/540aud plus shipping. badge is missing on the seat clamp and sprocket are stamped. has patina and scratches and wear. Shipping would be expensive due to weight. If just frame And Fork - 300 usd plus shipping
  11. 140usd to ship 2 frames. 150usd for both frames
  12. 95usd for shipping