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  1. Oh, that is sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. Thanks for your input Mate. I loved your Candy Blue Mongoose! Rest in Peace, Ozbmx Brother..
  2. Lego Batman. Too clever/witty for little kids. And for adults(*) .... You're watching a movie made out of Lego, taking the piss out of Batman. (*). Doesn't include Adult Batman nerds, who are going to love all of the references to previous movies & the TV show.
  3. Welcome to the forum. There's probably a few guys positioned around the country, that would help you out, picking up and posting BMX stuff ( if sellers can't be bothered). So just ask. With no expectations for return favours. .... Fireworks maybe??
  4. Cool collection. Interesting to see them together, comparing geometry. Are they similar to ride?
  5. Yeh, the current one has had a horrible impact on my leasure time.
  6. Nice bike. Shame you haven't ridden it. The earlier (alloy) Retro cruisers are lighter than the recent ones (made of cromolly). Feel quicker off the mark too.
  7. I had a 4 wheel steer ride on, a few years back. It was dangerously quick. If you were on any slope the back would kick out and it looked like it was drifting. that Hot Rod version above would have cost more to modify, than a new John Deere in the states. go to the John Deere USA website, then compare prices to the Australia John Deere site. When the AUD was better, just a group buy with 5 or 6 Lawn Porners , would have landed half price mowers.
  8. Are we talking ass play here??Looks like Torker is holding a Gerbil. LOL
  9. I've thought about this for a future build. I'd like to add a 14speed Rohloff hub, with single speed look ( and no chain slap that geared bikes have). They need two cables (push & pull) for the 'gearbox'. And also an electric/pedal power Hybrid, which has cables that I'd prefer to hide. Hiding under a top tube pad, I've thought of adding a pool of weld, that would have a similar profile to the Cannondale item above.Then drilling through that. Two drill bits: one for the cable clearance, and the other to locate the cable end. Maybe even solder the cable end in place, or industrial adhesive. Seat Post would need slotting &/or drilling, to allow for adjustment. Exiting through tyre side of seat/chain stays. Mavic Zap electronic gear shifting is another cable free option that could be manipulated for brakes??, maybe. Rather than Powder, how about using the plastic options, smooth out with filler, and get the frame Hydro dipped/immersion printing.
  10. ^P car seat cover, and turn the pic into a motivational poster.
  11. Pic of Shirvo reminded me of Damo.
  12. Cheers Everyone. Good Health to you all
  13. I've got one of those front forks/suspension. It's been reduced to fit 20". And came with a Mongoose Triple Threat frame. The seller told me they were the same as Mercedes MTB. But I never looked into it. heres a link to the bike when original owner had it: