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  1. Be at this one with bells on,,plenty of mid-school and some old-school goodies in-tow,, Looking forward to it,, LMK If you need any help with BBQ etc Jeffro,
  2. Yep,, their a special frame set , well done mate,, I'd luv one of these in my mid-school stable,,
  3. No good for me this round but cant make em all,, See you all at the following one,,
  4. gentle with those decals when removing please,,LOL
  5. nice score,, def not a Boss.
  6. Early Murray BMX USA, had those looping stays ,a few frame manufacturers copied that style including S&M on their mk2 Holmes's,,
  7. Looks like a Murray Mado to me,,LOL Very cool,, I like it
  8. happy either way,, Can we make a rule that all pics have to be taken with a Hanimax brownie of a I-phone 1,, LOL
  9. I have early S&M forks but would ideally love santa to bust out some CBR forks,, LOL, sure you don't have a set in the dungeon Jeffro?
  10. 89 soooo mid-school if you ask the experts,, post 85, but I'll leave that argument for another time,, The first bike out of 30+ builds where I need to have a frame refinished,, very exciting hey,, Finally get to use the parts ive collected for one of these over the last 5 years,, As per most of my builds, will be all era survivor parts used,, Should be good to go for SEQ Show 2020,,LOL
  11. My first purchase in a while and it's pre 90's,,