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  1. Hi All Up for sale is my sons pride and joy, * SUPERGOOSE /MONGOOSE * Original chrome Arayra rims Custom made supergoose pads Original headstem New decals $1500. Pick up Illawarra. No post.
  2. Thanks mate I'm thinking 80-ish
  3. Hi all, It turns out that it is a * 26inch SLA cruiser * frame so warpped.
  4. Hi all does any one know if a 26" SLA Cruiser has straight or bent forks ? Thanks.
  5. Hi Theozed Where would the serial number if it had one ? Thanks
  6. Hi All can any one help ID this before it goes to the tip. I think it a want to be quicky. (. lol. ) Thanks
  7. Thank you for your advice. Yes I am going to leave it as is ( a survivor ) Thank you all again.
  8. Hi all Could you tell me if I should restore or leave this bike as a survivor Thanks.
  9. Nice job mate looks awesome. Picked up this at the tip only 2days ago, for $20. Mine is a dark brown colour, is brown a og colour ?
  10. Happy birthday UGGA From the rattlesnake family
  11. I think I used the the wrong word in my last message when I said, You guys are the true sole of bmx It should be You guys are the true hearts of bmx Because you are the guys that keep old school bmx going.and with out you it would be a thing of the past.
  12. O my god You guys are so bloody awesome, I read your wonderful comments in regards to my son Toby, (rattlesnake) And I must confess I had a tear. I can't let you guys do that for him, its not that we can't afford it but Toby had a lot of Sh.. with new school riding at a track down south So he lost interest in it, but still loves bmx. He is more then happy to come and see all of you awesome guys and Cath up. But I can't thank you guys enought for your wounderful thoughts You guy are the true sole of bmx. Thank you Toby's dad Rob.
  13. Thank you all for your great responses Toby started up motor bike riding and he loves it, but still enjoys getting the bmx out and having a ride Even though he wan't be riding on this day he would still love to come up and see all you great guys again if this is ok. Again thank you all very much And look forward to seeing you all again. Rob, Toby.
  14. Info please My son rattlesnake would like to take part in this ride but his license has expired. I have been told that he would not be able to get a $40. License because he has held a full license before Is this really the case or not Can any one help with info please Thanks Rob, Toby ( rattlesnake )
  15. Thank you all for a great day. We had a ball. Backinmyday. Rattlesnake.