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  1. Awesome pics Peat... What a great a great turn out..
  2. Great to get out. The weather held out and it wasn't that cold. Come on peat, get them picks up mate....
  3. Awesome Build Peat.. Talking about Chips, Saw an Episode a few months back, It was all about a young feela wanted to ride BMX but couldn't afford it. then Estrada got involve and he got a nice Goose to ride. They must have been sponsored by Mongoose because all the bikes in the Episode were either Gooses or Jags, Was a cool episode. Anyway, Nice builds
  4. She finished off freakin awesome man..
  5. That's Awesome Peat. I will have to put some cash away for this man. Cant miss out..
  6. That's Awesome Clarke. The Best Looking Hotfoot I've seen in a long time man. The Wheels look great.
  7. I hate you Mick.. I Realy Realy Hate you. You know, My garage has a bit of room if you need me to store a Cruiser for you...
  8. coming along nice man, Not much to go by the looks of it.
  9. Hey guys hows it all been, Having some issues at home, Don't want to go into it but do miss every one, Hope to see you all soon, Peat, Where are the picks man...
  10. Was great to see this bike at the Hursty Show. The Picks just don't do it justice, Very nice bike indeed up close..
  11. Any Serial numbers at all man..
  12. I agree man. Awesome build.
  13. Hey mate, By the Quality of your work there is no wonder that you have been over worked. I too have stepped back a bit to spend more time with Family. Enjoy your break mate, hope too catch up soon though mate.
  14. Huge start already. Im loving that DB man..