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  1. My 85 usa made dyno pre letter serial d30 original finish
  2. Isn't everything .. not my team haha
  3. Couple of days... thankyou,
  4. 1981 Team Mongoose survivor , thanks for looking
  5. Voicemail and totally true mang..
  6. Nah im here bromo....
  7. Thanks lads,, i agree terrible one is offtap
  8. Um,, has an announcement been made about hurstbridge and a special guest from the states yet? .... def doing hursty and radelaide next year.. soo soo much fun
  9. A recently acquired gt... love it...
  10. Absolute chance of a lifetime to fly from brisbane to Radelaide to meet and greet with EDDIE FIOLA GT legend... It was never not going to happen. Flights were booked months in advance i thought what can i do for eddie's tour?? Maybe a limited edition jersey and some pads maybe for his aussie trip.. Some ideas had been thrown around and a final design was decided upon.. fiola all the way.. twenty yellow jerseys were made and also twenty sets of pads.. Eddie received a set of each and was massively stoked with each item.. Totally worth it.. Of course someone had to make him a pft guitar ,absolutely amazing ali kat i think his name is.. The whole Radelaide experience was amazing for me,, a great bunch of guys in an awesome location. Could not have asked for a better time,,yirro's with con,, haha and MoparScott at the Chrysler bar love adelaide.. thankyou to my brother ty Jurgens for putting me up ,, straight up HUTCH BMX BUILD ROYALTY,, and everyone involved in the Radelaide show .. for those of you left reading, A little visual snippet of my eddie adelaide trip..
  11. After fying to Radelaide last weekend to meet the one and only EDDIE FIOLA, gt legend. I couldnt wait to get home and crack into the New addition to the fleet a 1987 gt pro freestyle team tour or gt Pftt. So now im after some 36 hole super laces and 474 pedals and shes done.. Oh yeah somehow route the front brane cable through the forks.. haha yeah right. thanks for lookin