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  1. Happy birthday mate.
  2. Good mate of mine has put this aside for me.
  3. Mum just found these at home
  4. Great turn out today, trophies along with the bikes were awsome. Young Mr Lees jumping the pro section on a 24Hotfoot was incredible. Thanks for the great racing today fellas had a blast.
  5. Does the wife know about this one mate? Very nice. 😏
  6. .. . Pics or it never happened. 😏
  7. Minor shelf wear. 👍
  8. Australians of the year right there. Definitely my favourite pic.
  9. That's awsome Retro, search feature does work Daripper.
  10. Out riding the big wheel this morning and came across these bikes at an awsome little coffee shop close to my new place in Melbs. New local breaky place me thinks.
  11. Every Thursday night during the 80's loved it Brickos. HS 225. Would love to see your drilled BALL.
  12. .. . I can pick it up for you Lucien, not far from me now.
  13. I saw this and thought of you Daz.