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  1. I'd dunno M8, known nothing About these. Was told Those have serial on Drop. Could be wrong tho, that one look'd similar enough, i'd would guess... MT Racing Foxbat FST.
  2. Borrowed pickie, look at brace behind BB.
  3. Those have brace welded behind BB, in between chainstay's. Also have serial on Drop-out, not on BB.
  4. Nice welding also, i'd dunno. Thought I'd post it on here, i'm more into race then FST.
  5. Came across this. Forks are Teardrop-Shape. Downtube on Frame also Teardrop. Serial stamped under BB. Any help, kindly apreciated.
  6. Similar John, think Those Kusuki are Hinched one's tho..... Searching for a while now, nothing came up.....
  7. I'll just might, Give us a PM.
  8. Hete you go John.
  9. Think the Unknown stem, Will suit fine on this F&F!
  10. Well, what can i'd say, bought it for the Crankset really!