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  1. Thanks, it’s now sold
  2. S&m 38 special frame 20.5 s&m xlt race bars s&m xlt race forks fit stem perfect condition $450 pick up melbourne
  3. S&m

    That Stricker is GANGSTA! Good work mate. I love all the detail s&m put into their frames, can't be matched.
  4. Awesome score if it is a TAJ!! I heard somewhere Gordy gives away Deebo frames...
  5. S&m

    Hey guys been lovin all the s&m's in the thread! Top notch! Heres some picks of my Holmes next gen and my LTF. S&M all the way!
  6. Do it Scotty! Re chrome the beast!! Cheers mate, I just worry about scratching it every time I ride.. Ah well. I'm a bit tall for the lowered seat, and it looks funny!
  7. Cheers guys, thanks for the comments!! Yeah i dont notice too many chrome bikes around these days. And i thought it would be cool to try and get most parts either chrome or polished.
  8. Hey guys heres my new build. I scored the frame and forks of museum a month or 2 ago and the guy said he had a 2009 ltf that had dodgy brake mounts so after after some hasselling s&m made him a one off ltf last year. Kinda cool. Anyways i saw 'The Mez's' chrome ltf on here and thats what got me searching for it. Its such an awesome bike to ride. I just recently got back into bmx and was kinda stuck in the Mid school era. Until now!
  9. Great build mate! Looks like its coming along nicely!
  10. Cheers Gordy. Yeah it's on now the photo with it off was earlier.
  11. Just been in contact with Mark from TNT and ordered some parts and a new sticker set for my Super Fong, so now it can be re-powdercoated! Jeah.
  12. And my Super Fong. Scored it on ebay not that long ago. It's hella light
  13. Heres my S&M Holmes Next Gen. Purchased it of Streetcredbmxer (jay) and slowly added some new things. But now its feels perfect.... except for the front brake mounts. Ah well.
  14. RIP Rotah
  15. Cheers, that is nice and close. Ive been off the pushy for ages but might know who it is. I used to ride with Clint Lee, Ben Nash, Ryan Conner and those guys.