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  1. hi again, i'll try put some pics up soon but im that great with the computer so i'll have to see how i go. cheers for the reply
  2. cheers guys, no didn't race chris just plenty of street rideing, used to go to a few tracks and ride around that but nothing serious race wise, i was in the eastern suburbs in those days. thanks for the decal info dude, cheers
  3. hi guys, newbie here just introducimg myself, my name is luke 37 and i was hugely into bmx as a kid, and a couple of years ago i was getting tattooed and a guy in the shop had this awesome looking mongoose and just the look of it gave me the buzz again. so i started searching and not that great on the computer and not yet into ebay the 1st bike i built was a 09 retro pk ripper looptail imported from america orded in separate parts, then i got a 89 gt mach 1 surviver of a friend stripped it added some new parts and rebuilt it, now just about to finish a 82 californian special mongoose which was a full resto and next up is a 88 torker 540 air frame and fork set that i have which im finding hard to find decals for but i'll post that on wanted soon, only just got onto ozbmx now a friend has been telling me to. any way guys thats me, bye for now luke