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  1. I want to bring some stuff down to sell but never been before. What time do I need to get there and do I need to arrange with anyone? Sorry newb questions.
  2. Hi, I have a 1983 Torker Pro with an interesting set of decals that I haven't seen before. They look like the standard 1983 logo, but instead of yellow they have metallic gold. Has anyone else seen these? Were these original, or are they repop and added later? They look to be in roughly the same condition as the chrome so could be original, but it is hard to tell with stickers. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Love it. I had a Stormer when I was 8 (1980) and am currently putting together a 1979 Stormer.
  4. Almost done. Already bent the seat post a bit. Guess I need to lose some weight.
  5. I always think of the early Torkers with V-bars. In 1981 the Torkflyte and Maxflyte both came with Torker alloy v-bars, but as I don't think they were stamped as such I am not sure how you can tell a Torker alloy from a generic one. I have a set of alloy bars that came on the Torker frame I sold a while back and I assume they are Torker bars. Everything else was original so I assume they were. Checkout the history of Torker article for more info. It seems that usually when people refer to Torker bars, they are talking about bigger Pro "T"bars that came out in 1982. These are bigger bars and may work better for bigger riders. Personally I like the smaller v-bars because that is what I wanted as kid. At the end of the day it is your bike so rock what you like.
  6. This morning wasn't too brisk, so I busted out the first BMX Friday of the season. Will now probably bucket down rain and wind for my ride home. Still, it felt good to cruise to work. Happy BMX Friday.
  7. Thanks. I had fun building it up. Lots of sweet rides on this thread. Love the Jensen. Can't wait to see how you build that up.
  8. Thanks Bear. Almost brought it up to Hurstbridge the other week, but you had the Torkers covered. Great bikes.
  9. Realy lIke that Blue 81 LP. Here is my 24 I finally finished building.
  10. Finally finished this one off. Turned out great, but it is almost too nice to cruise around on. Might but it up for sale and get a beater.
  11. I think I saw this on Ebay and I reckoned that it was a 1981 LP that has been repainted and had a new set of decals added. Usually Torker deals are on a shiney silver background and this one seems to have stickers with a clear background. Personnally, I would prefer an earlier 80's frame than a 280x and I kind of like the decals without the silver background. Reckon it will look cool when built up. As a general rule I don't think anyone should regret buying a Torker and no collection is complete without one, but I may be biased. Bleed
  12. I love my 81 Torker and have been riding around on it quite a bit, but i have to be honest it is pretty small. So I have been looking for another project that might be a bit more comfortable to ride. (Ok, as many of you have guessed, I just needed an excuse to start another build.) Searching around the web I came across a 24 inch Torker and quickly a deal was struck. It is a nice candy blue and I have always wanted to do a bike with 24 inch tuffs. When I combined them it started to look a little like a mid-80s freestyle and I have thrown a few more parts together to try and keep the theme. Anyway, there are still some parts to go, but here is my next rider, hope you enjoy it. Thanks.
  13. Next project, just starting now. 1983 Torker 24. Stay tuned.
  14. Just starting, but this will be my next build. Torker 24, going to do it in blue in white.