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  1. The start....2nd time around
  2. Very nice collection...
  3. Might be a goer....Been a while
  4. Johnny Chopper 175mm cranks (White 2 pak) with spindle and bolts (no bottom bracket) No longer needed... Price is posted or pickup Narellan NSW...$220
  5. Nrl

    Carn Blues
  6. Great rolls chicken or pork at DONG XIN 77 Burwood Rd Burwood .....2 doors from the great Disposal Shop..
  7. Nrl

    Great game.....Quietened the noisy bastards next to me..
  8. THAT'S A PISSER....
  9. If you won it had yellow writing on the inside.....Also Glug, Razz and the green one...
  10. Cobbers 3 for a cent... Stud Cola S.O.S cough drops. Getting a colour tele.. 2SM on the radio. Dad's 8 track music, Don't leave it on the dash... Desert boots, Dunlop Volleys Coolabah cask wine. Milko delivering in glass bottles. Silver & Red Caps Baker delivering bread loaves in a little truck. 20 cents of Devon at the butchers was a shitload. Aunger Mag Wheels. Buying Bonds clothing from the factory....Made in Aussie.. 1 & 2 cent pokies. Rural Bank... Austin Kimberley & Tasman.....Yuk
  11. Good onya mate.....Be a great start for any hands on non nerd type....
  12. That's awesome
  13. That's fully it.. And happy birthday.......
  14. Steve McQueen would have ridden that...