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  1. This site is good for watching live what goes on:,-26.94,1234 You can move it around and all sorts of other stuff. Click on the Earth thingy at the bottom left.
  2. I like it !! The basket makes it. Nice bar pad and cool pink pedals. Never had any interest in freestyle whatsoever, but the white pool comps are perfect on that. What's the big bike next to it? Is it a racer with MX bars?
  3. How ya going Redmate? Sorry I missed you guys last week.
  4. I had a similar problem a year or so ago. And to be honest, I can't remember what the components were that I was trying to match, but the problem was similar. I think ended up using a dragster type crown race. It was identical except for the inside diameter, which was smaller. All the rest were the bmx headset components. Probably not much help, but it might lead you in the right direction.
  5. That's because Ron's dancing career has really kicked off since that video was shown earlier in this thread.
  6. And Comp IIs with yellow labels would be much harder again.
  7. This bike is a bit 'new' to what I'm into, but I reckon everything about it is just right. Nice stance, everything goes well together - and you can't beat a nice looptail. Well done on the win Occy.
  8. That's a great looking red Taipan Blue Taipan. Everything goes together well. Nice!
  9. It's to post things about Brikos. I think his feedback is shonky. I mean, really! No one has 100% feedback this day and age. I don't even reckon he lives in Sin City AUST at all. Just more baloney!
  10. on. Should be more of them around here. Real grass roots Aussie stuff. That's the sort of thing we thrashed around on before that fandangled BMX stuff started.
  11. Rattlesnakes?
  12. Have you had any contact at all? If not, let it go...he can dibs it in this new ad if still interested.
  13. Quicksilver looks a bit limp wristed, but the Yamaha one is cool as.
  14. Lucky you took the photo of your bike before this Bretto: