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  1. Hey J I would use those ones on the forks. Depending on what model you are going with use either the Rebel, SST, Amtrac, Pro on the top tube near the seat.Or even the medium Robinson stickers. Personally Id leave the top tube stickers off-especially if I was using a Robi padset. But plenty of others have used those medium Robi stickers on the top tube.
  2. You can look up the Repco Hotfoot catalogs that rerides has put on the internet (blogginadeadhorse) and match your bike up to the right year. Doesnt look like it needs much work, nice.
  3. What makes your bike rare and special would be the sticker. I saw it when it was on ebay, can you show a clear pic of the Bike of the Year sticker for others yi see. That bike may have been sold in 85, but welded together Sept 84, took a few months to be built up and shipped over from Dodsun Taiwan. Stickers may have been applied in the shops. Americans had the flux capacitor, we had the Polariser!☺
  4. The frame the same as this but with oversized round tubes is most likely a Cycle Pro. Your frame is later version of the CR Comet, early to mid 80s. Also very similar, if not the same as the Silverton Aero. Check the first number of the DS serial for the year. There's at least 1 other frame the same as yours posted up on here, I think it's in the Crossrider thread.
  5. test Still works
  6. Kuwahara KYZ 2248 g thanks gsaps
  7. Found this one trawling theinternets. Ill pm you more details.
  8. CD, just curious, how do you know for sure these frames were used by the McEvoys?
  9. My advice is: Slow down. Do your research. Take your time to take it all in. Then go to the swap meet this Sunday & then next months swap meet and then the one after that. My most important advice is dont make the mistake of restoring something back to original that you dont know anything about. Isnt there a bike you do love dearly & have great memories of? Wouldn't THAT be a much more rewarding experience?
  10. Often the poll isnt closed on time, or forgotten to be closed, so afterwards others can still vote. Have a look at the Novembers BOTY, it is still accepting votes. Im not sure the exact way of HOW to close a poll. Its worth knowing how to do it because we all have the permission to start our own polls for whatever we want.
  11. Found this pic in BMXPancake Issue 8 and more info here
  12. Shauns race bike in that issue of Pancake isnt a Quicky. Looks like a blue National Pro with Bottemas. Shaun's jumping demo pic looks like a Mongoose/Type 1 Quicky frame.
  13. Pretty interesting. But I would think the reason the axle was so far back was to clear the brake bridge. If the brake bridge was removed then there'd be no need to move the axle so far back. Anyway, here's another with a hole. But not quite in the same spot.
  14. Good pics dragster. When I rode it, I was really impressed with those tyres. Kenda Kinetics. Awesome tyres on the dirt. On the road they make the bike hum(and the seat vibrate!) Just wish I could find them in a decent 20inch size.
  15. CD could you fit a coaster brake wheel in the frame, I wonder if the hole lines up with the brake arm?