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  1. Hi is there anyone who paints turbos in Australia,any help would be great or info regarding this.
  2. Great build well done,will go very close to bike of the year..
  3. It is the after all the holy grail of the Diamondbacks,as you said Hulkster,one bike a lot of people want but not many that can afford,i think anyone who has been able to get there hands on one of these bikes is a very lucky person.
  4. I would just like to say that all the bikes where great this month,did not even think i would get close to Gordy,great build mate well done,lets keep all the builds roling a long,i think september will be even a better month,it was also great to see the number of people voting..
  5. Well said Gordy, the bikes for this month all deserve great recognition,its just good to see quality builds from all makes.Really looking foward to next month to see what builds there is. :good_mini:And also would like to thank the people who have voted as well,lets keep up the great job. Regardless of what the final result may be, I'm super happy with what I have managed to create. I already feel like a winner when i get to perv at it every night before tucking it into bed. Lol A big congratulations to the other members who all built outstanding rides before submitting them into what is a stacked month for BOTM. I do sincerely thank all of those people who voted for my ride, it truly is appreciated and a very difficult month to pick a favourite. Hopefully BOTM continues to grow from strength to strength and encourages others members to participate each month. Get voting peeps, only a few more days left to vote.
  6. Cheers thanks for positive feedback, it came out pretty good in the end.
  7. Here is a couple pictures of a turbo post to help you out.Hope this helps.
  8. To right with ebay,and other bmx sites,i would have never had a chance to do the Turbo up without these sites,i was able to source parts from all over the world,it makes life a lot easier,England,USA,France..and all the other places.
  9. Cheers thanks for the positive response,did not realise how hard it would be get parts for a turbo, just happy it came out pretty good.
  10. Thanks it is only the second bike I have done up my first was a Diamondback Silverstreak, might have to throw that one in for next month..
  11. SDBMX sweet ride,the bikes are coming on thick and fast for August,some real nice bikes..
  12. Thanks mate,after seeing yours done,i pulled my finger out,and got it finally finished.. Man there are some great bikes on here for bike of the month..
  13. 1982 Diamondback Harry Leary Turbo Here is my entry for bike of the month Brought this of Tony Coutts a while back,and have slowly restored it back to its former glory,I have always wanted a turbo when i wad a kid,and now i have got my Grail. FRAME/FORKS - 1982 HLT - Painted Jet black in 2 pack Paint ,with gold pearl through it.(Garage 27) BARS - DB Harry Leary Turbo bars Rechromed GRIPS - Oakley F1-HLT STEM - HLT rechormed and Polished HEADSET - original HLT SEAT - NOS 5 Gold HLT SEAT POST - DB Turbo-rechromed SEAT CLAMP - SR -HLT Brakes- Dia compe,mx 1000 front and rear, Chrome plated TIRES - NOS label Comp III's (both 1.75's) WHEELS - Araya 7x polished with NOS suzue sealed hubs CRANKS - Full HLT PEDALS - Diamondback SR MP (Rechromed) CHAIN - Izumi FREEWHEEL - Suntour 16t DECALS - FROGBMX & RetrospectBMX