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  1. Awesome ride I hope everyone got home ok
  2. Going to sell some gear tomorrow a bit of vintage and a bit of mid school so bring some cash Mother Fu$$$$keeeeeeeers
  3. I'm out for the first couple of hours but might catch up after soccer
  4. Who,s coming for a roll this Sunday they say it's going to be fine .
  5. Coming to this one for sure
  6. Shit that was me , Sorry about that a Granny had just yeld at me for being on a bike track and I was being a bit sensitive ( I mean how did she confuse a 50 year old on a 1983 Skyway with I quote "a Little Asshole"
  7. Sunday the eighth sounds good what direction shall we head (maybe Newstead way)
  8. Welcome grumpy
  9. I'm away in Caloundra until New Years but if you stick around until the 8 th of Jan I'm in
  10. Might be too hungover due to my work Christmas party tonight ( will reassess in the morning)
  11. So who's up for a roll this Sunday