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  1. It's been a while since this thread was up and about - I found another pic from the Prahran bowl through the week.I suspect taken around 1980 or 81.
  2. Looks grouse, can you give up where you picked up the pad set from?
  3. I had to ask. Thanks Mate
  4. Im in Perth until Friday. Can anyone recommend any bike shops or used bike shops etc that would be worth checking out for oldschool gear. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Motomag, Ill work on my user friendliness. See below .
  6. Ok, I've had a few PM/s and thanks... I better make it clear my blue unit is in typical rider condition.
  7. Hey all. Im looking for a Black Elina Seat, early 80's era, I have a Blue Elina to swap. Cheers
  8. With you all the way Bigshow, Im a quiet bloke and dont get involved with clowns carrying on. I have seen similar and this was unfortunately one of the reasons I lost interest chasing a "bargain"..... but when you least expect it - Bang, there they are.
  9. Only 4 things... lets call it being a tin ass and being at the market gates, garage sale or tip at opening hours.
  10. I need to keep some things to myself Trojan My last rebuild was a 24", so I'm thinking I might put it out there if someone wants a swap for an early 80's USA 20" BMX.
  11. Thanks John, I did some more looking around last night and with input from you guys and another PL24 on here that has a serial number a fair bit higher than mine I reckon 83 is looking good
  12. It looks a lot like it though not identical, only markings I can see are the max insert etc otherwise there's no markings on it though the machining looks like a bit of quality.
  13. Anyone have a black Elina seat they want to unload. I have a blue Kashimax seat for a trade.
  14. Went to pick up some plants etc but the place we went to was closed for a long w/e. I suggested we try the local Sunday market as they have plants A guy next to a stall with plants had a heap of bike bits including what I picked up. He had just sold a Crossrider suspension bike turned into a tandem bike - it would of been the most heaviest tandem in Melbourne