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  1. Nice one Brenton. That's one rare Catalogue you have there. Thanks for sharing
  2. Mods, I reported this thread to be closed a few weeks ago along with some of my other for sale threads. I hit the report button like normal, but it must not have worked??
  3. Un dibs per pm Go for it mate. Never placed dibs in thread
  4. pm sent Dibs Hoffman seat clamp and Primo Pedals
  5. Didn't know you had decided to part it out already Stan. I'll take whatever I sold you . Will PM you
  6. DISCOUNT 1. Primo Hemorihroid Seat Blue sparkle. $99 Posted 2. Primo Hemorihroid Seat Silver/White sparkle. $99 Posted 3. Primo E Brake U Brake. Gold/ Green Colour $35 posted
  7. DISCOUNT 26' Araya wheel set $180 POSTED east coast
  8. 1. Drop Nose Seat SOLD
  9. More gear for bmxpo pick up Araya 26' shiny side rims laced to Shimano Via low flange polished Hubs. Stainless spokes. Hubs are rebuilt with nice new lithium grease. These wheels would suit a rider Few nics and scratches to the rims, sides have been satin shiny sided , Front rim has hop and wobble rear has hop, never tried to true them out as I rode them for a while and were fine as is, but these are not a dead straight wheel set if that's what you want. Check them out at bmxpo this Sunday $175 pick up cash or paypal or will post for extra.. probably $25 extra Check out the pics
  10. Bunch of Cranks that came off various bikes Hoffman, Powerlite, Mongoose ,Haro and specialized. Check out the Photos, plenty of parts to get a few sets of cranks going. I have even more spares I'll throw in. Some arms are raw or require paint. The two sets of chrome arms ar ok for a rider not the best chrome. PRICE $60 pick up at BMXPO. Cash or Paypal.........would like paypal to help sort some bmxdebt bmw.......... Bike Money Worries Quick rundown 6 sets of crank arms 8 spindles various bearings and cups 4 x nos bearings. One spindle has a sealed bearing bb
  11. Listing a few items for pick up at This Sundays BMXPO . Hence little slim on info and photos 1998 Hoffman George complete $300 pick up BMXPO This Sunday. Prefer local sale so you can check it out first . If your Interstate will box up and post BUT Sydney buyers get first shot pm me first if interstate. payment -Paypal or cash at bmxpo Price $295 Quick run down of parts nos Primo steroid seat!! Hoffman Jumping Bars Hoffman Big shot pegs(respray) Wellgo pedals(respray) Hoffman sprocket Hoffman Stem Dc ad990 rear and Dc Bulldog front brakes Hoffman skidmark Tyres, have small cracks but still roll fine. Hardly worn. Wheels are generic 48's 14mm axles slotted to fit 10mm dropouts, stainless spokes, rims had marks and have been sanded to satin finish
  12. This weekend Andrew Dragsters coming down to lead the pre BMXPO Sydney ride. I think it was organised through fb and Info has been drip fed to the OZBMX crew . From what I heard today, there may be around 100 riders ....... Saturday 10th September 2016. Meet at pump house 11am, ride starts 12pm.