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  1. Well said.
  2. I think Skyway should build and produce the 2013 T/A's in the USA. More jobs for Americans/economy etc etc.. Probably too late. But my 2 cents.. And if I could vote, I'd vote for OBAMA!
  3. can we see full pics of your bikes? like the PK etc.. they look cool..
  4. ok bud. thanks. i saw pics of the 2013 stamped USA 00000 and thought they might be US made, unless its just specific to the early prototypes..
  5. Are the 2012 T/A 24's and the 2013 T/A 20" F&F's made in the USA?
  6. how long is the TT?
  7. Final bid $760.00 -- who bought it?
  8. Has anyone flagged with ebay? Looks like someone with zero feedback is bidding it up.. fishy...
  9. Happy to be proved wrong. All the kids (and I mean teenagers not old phucks) are riding new school. The Majority, as in 90% of all those I see been ridden and on the streets..
  10. I'm not a Mongoose guy Coasty, whats dodgy about it?
  11. You worried about your collection bike value Wanski? Not sure if Old School BMX's will prove to be like timeless classic collectibles like art, vintage cameras & cars.. all the kids into BMX's are into the new school bikes.. so yeah.. hmm.... not sure..
  12. so Skyway can make a shit load of $$
  13. Not sure about the geometry on the Floval. I prefer the old school geo
  14. 24" PK or a Floval..