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  1. Hi, do you have to use the same coloured tuff brake pads as tuff wheels being used? ie, black tuffs, black pads. or can you for example use blue pads on a black wheel?
  2. I hear Melbourne is trying to get the contract to host the next Radalaide ;-)
  3. Sounds great Rooie, thumbs up for puttin in the hard work... Looks like somebody is going to miss out though..... Ya can't please everyone. I will be there any day, even a work day I don't care. Actually I would prefer it. I would love to chuck a sickie to ogle some bmx's.
  4. Nah, there not for a 20" there is too much blank space before and after the word mongoose, though they may be for a cruiser with a longer top bar. I hope mine are real!
  5. Nah, Im using the mobile version, and I'm a noob. I'll look into how to do it on a pc tomorrow. Man you are quick as to reply. No wonder I can never dib in time.
  6. Hi guys, I hastily bought some redline flight cranks and after receiving the I noticed that they don't redline stamped into them as I have seen on my later pair. I discussed this with the guy I bought them from and he has had them since new (early mid 80's) they are single pinch and are identical to the later twin pinch. Looking at them and the age of the sticker and wear marks in conjunction with the ARM and the sticker I am fairly confident they are the real deal, but I thought i would put it to the experts. Thanks
  7. Funny, that's the same sort of rim that I'm looking at relacing..... I would say a bit of skill would be required to get that effect.
  8. Hi, I was contemplating respoking my 48 hole rims myself and also going from the standard cross cross style to a straight laces style, but it occurred to me that the sproke length may be a different length. Has anybody got any experience in this? And is there a method to predetermining the correct spoke length? Also are all spoke nipples the same?