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  1. I'd be interested in the frame and forks and the bars if original
  2. Ya dreamin
  3. very nice
  4. Up for grabs is a MINT SET of very rare Mongoose stamped skyway tuff wheels with original reflectors. No rub, no cracks and spin as free as my testicles do when free balling. $2200 (Tuffs Only)
  5. Cool. I'll get some pics together and put it up for sale here
  6. Hi I am a newbie who has 3 geese. 2 motomags and a 81 Supergoose. I'm thinking of selling the Supergoose to eventually get a pro class 24. It is original chrome, original decals, mongoose stamped everything including the handle bars with gold stem and shimano tourney breaks front and rear. It does not have a wheels set or the original seat. Is it advisable to sell it here for a newbie or send it to ebay?
  7. My 1st Restore: 1981 Mongoose Motomag with all origianl parts except for Grips and Tyres. My fav thing on this bike is the set of goose stamped tuffs. 1981 Mongoose Frame 1981 Mongoose Fork Mongoose Stamped Head Set Mongoose Stamped Cranks Mongoose Stamped Skyway Tuff II Wheels (Set) Mongoose Stamped Snowflake Chain Ring Mongoose Stamped Seat Clamp Mongoose Stamped Seat Mongoose Grips (Repop) Gumwall Repro Tires (Frame and Fork Powder Coated)
  8. I am thinking of selling my 2 sets of Mongoose stamped tuffs with the animal logo. I know there would be ALOT of interest in them but I don't really know what they would fetch for each set. I have a yellow set which I would grade 8.5/10 and a blue set I would grade 7/10. Any suggestions to a price guide would be appreciated as I know how rare these are and they are original to both bikes which I still have. My yellow set is here. http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/mongoose/63423
  9. I hope someone can tell me if these are legit. They only have the signature on 1 side
  10. I've asked Waza just now and hopefully he has some good news whether they are legit and worth the dosh I will be shelving out for them on this proviso. I will try to get some pics up for you of the actual wheels a bit later
  11. Not graphite and from the limited info I can find on them they made them but in very limited numbers without his consent. They are the metal hubs. Really just a black set of aluminium hubbed tuffs with a signature on them but very hard to find
  12. Hi All I am new here but haven not done any posts as of yet. Does anyone know any info on the Andy Patterson Skyway Tuffs. I am getting my hands on a set very shortly (Exactly the same as pic) and they are costing a pretty penny. Are they hard to get, cost etc. Any info would help. I know they would be few and far between as I have 2 sets of the Mongoose Stamped tuffs with the little mongoose animal on them in Blue and Yellow and they took an eternity to find. Thanks