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  1. Glad to hear you are OK now Tristan. that Holmes is looking awesome.
  2. Whatever post count you make it there will be some who will come on and spam up the boards with useless posts just to get to the required number. Take my post for example, i am one closer to whatever number you choose.
  3. Damn does that look fast, sexy too. Them chain links work great as long as you ensure your wheel stays tight
  4. Pretty much complete Frame: 1994 S&M Widowmaker (serial # SMC 2195) Fork: Pitchfork Cranks: 175 Redline 1/2 wraps with sealed bearings and 41T Profile Ripsaw Wheels: Phil hubs laced to Alex DM22 with Phil spokes and nips and a 17T White Industries free wheel Tires: Silver label Tioga comp 3 Pedals: Odyssey Triple traps with Crupi cages Chain: Izumi Seat: NOS Odyssey Cobra Seatpost: GT layback Seatpost clamp: NOS PMC Brakes: NOS Dia Compe 901 with ACS lever Stem: S&M Redneck with Wedgie Jackson Bars: S&M Gay bars Grips: Jive with nuts Headset: Odyssey 1" Pro with PMC headlock
  5. Gotta love a Murray stay Holmes. Damn fine set of rides there.
  6. Canada is doing pretty well yet we are taxed extremely high to stay that way. If the Canadian government grew a backbone and stopped catering to the special interest groups we would be golden.
  7. All 3 bikes are sweet Nick, the old 24 is a bike i will always want. Any chance you live in Northern British Columbia, Canada so i can get a hook up on a pick up price? I'll bring beer.
  8. My kids are gonna freak when i show them those.
  9. If you want feedback for a transaction you gotta follow up with the buyer ensuring the item was received as described and drop a little hint like: I hope you received your item as described, Positive Feedback has been left for you and i hope you will do the same. If you are the seller leave positive FB as soon as payment hits your PP as the buyer did his job and it goes a long way in showing good faith.
  10. I am almost done my 94 Holmes (as if they are really ever done) but i have some P/A's coming that are raw and i cannot decide if i want to powder them black or get them chromed. The bike will be a rider but being as i am almost 40 my days of tearing up the skatepark are few and far between. Mostly the bike will be used as a street rider for jumping low key stuff while making beer runs or just plain bombing around. So my question to you is for this application would you powdercoat them black or have them chromed? Here is the bike: (I have since changed the seatclamp to a black PMC and added a silver PMC headlock) Here are the cranks:
  11. Classic killer bike my S&M loving friend. Rides like a dream i bet, just like the girls back in high school: long, lean and tight.
  12. Still Trying After All This Success
  13. Jim, sounds like a 2001 Does it look like this:
  14. Looks incredible, congratulations on owning such a cool rig.
  15. Thanks for the reminder