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  1. received good and shipping is now otw.. thank ozbmx thank paul..
  2. im looking to swap for used working condition survivor black pre lightning of elina seat. if you do really keen this hubs..
  3. LE 1984 May - front hub LC 1984 March - rear hub
  4. will update for you.. once i back home..
  5. hi selling my HF Black Shimano hubs for AUD160 shipped with tracking. this hubs still in good condition take out from showbike. or swap with black survivor Elina without lightning bolt. shipping from Malaysia probably take 2 week longer. but the tracking number will be supply. pm for offer and paypal information. thank ozbmx.
  6. i need those nagoaka post
  7. you need a 400 crank too i believe.
  8. SWEET
  9. those tires is really damn nice mate.. thank mate
  10. wow.. this is sweet ride mate..
  11. thank mate.. yeah i hope so.. probably this was the early version of kz1,. right after ke1 stop produce..
  12. here mine.. 1980 kz1 serial number TODOIOI
  13. wow an Harowara.. nice score mate
  14. Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend is the best song for my current listening... but in the same album the a Paradise song music video i spotted a old school parts from the store that elephant wanted to get a bike. awesome!! sabel