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  1. $95 posted?
  2. Sorry, meant to be $110 posted, subject to negotiation.
  3. For sale is a set of Sugino maxy cranks - 165mm length with 9/16 pedal threads, includes dust caps and a tuf neck chainring. Threads and tapers are good, no major scratches but they need a good clean and polish. Looking for $110 plus postage.
  4. Cranks are sold, just have the 2 cables in packets now, how about $15 each posted, or best offer?
  5. Also for sale now is a set of Shimano 600 cranks - 165mm length with 9/16 pedal thread. These will be $80 + postage and you can combine the cables with these for $100 + postage. Please let me know if there are any queries, offers considered. Cheers
  6. For sale are 3 NOS shimano front brake cables, 2 blue and 1 red. I've lost the original packaging for 1 of the cables, but it hasn't been used. $40 for all 3, postage should only be a couple bucks in a large envelope.
  7. Not sure how I missed the serial number first up now I've see it. It's either re-painted or powdercoated and reasonably thick. Unfortunately I've just bought a roadbike, my daughter's getting braces and I know I'll regret it, but I've stuck the frame on fleabay. You're right about the stand mount being poxy, very nice frame other than that.
  8. Sorry about the thread revival. I've stripped the bike and while cleaning it found another serial number on the gusset, as well as the one under the bottom bracket. Gusset number is 057031. Does this mean I have a Madison Taipan? I found another post on the forum indicating 05***** would be around 1981.
  9. Thanks for the welcome & replies guys. I'm in Southern Tas, Hobart-ish. Great lifestyle and a bike culture that is developing really well, whatever you want, road, MTB or BMX. I never had a BMX as a kid so this is a novelty, and by the look of supergoose in the early 80s, we're a pretty similar age.
  10. The serial number is pretty clearly stamped and there's no obvious T in front. ACS hubs & Z rims, suntour stem, takagi cranks, quite a nice bike.
  11. Hi there, I've had this BMX in the shed for a couple years now without finding the time to do anything with it. I recently decided (probably unwisely and I think I'm already regretting it) it might be time for a new owner. It was on ebay for about 1.5hrs last weekend, and after receiving quite a number of comments and questions I decided to cancel the auction and postpone sale until I know some more (apologies if you are one of the score that were watching). Not sure if that's bad form or not, but my lack of knowledge made me feel unfomfortable. It has been suggested that it could be a yamaha (as per this bike or an apollo which have a near identical gusset. It has a serial number on the bottom bracket 70177, while the forks are stamped Tange 0B (I assume 1980 February). From my basic knowledge of apollo's the serial number doesn't match their structure. Any idea's from the pics and serial number what the bike may be? BTW, I do have another yammy which I'm planning (hoping) to spend some time with restoration eventually.