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  1. Nice ... looking forward to seeing this one built
  2. The Curtis Bros! Lookin the goods boy-oh ...
  3. Voted. Good doogs fellas, lovely selection this month.
  4. Well done fellas for a cookin bike of the month! The level of builds is truely amazing on here.
  5. Holy. Crap. If the Pope rode BMX he'd be all over this ... Seriously ... drooling on my keyboard over here.
  6. 1981 Tange Hot Heart - Kuwahara Tange goodness! Powdered hammered Candy Blue with 1981/82 dated parts. Mixed bag of some NOS and Survivor parts used.
  7. This one is a cracker mate!! Looks ace with the chrome and black ... and those bars give it a VDC kind of vibe. Very sweet
  8. Voted. Crackin builds fellas, hard to pick between two in particular...
  9. I saw this on the Museum For Sale thread today too! I would have thought the Phaze1 collectors would have been all over this...
  10. Awesome result! Hope the little c@nt shat himself...
  11. i could afford only ONE shoelace MJ ... probably pushing it just to get that! i got a mate who thrashed a pair exactly (minus the slim shady heel) like these skateboarding ... ended up in the dogs bed
  12. I do like sneakers... I used to be a baller back in the day too, had heaps of pairs of shoes... Most were destroyed because i skated in them ... they would last a coupla months tops. I always liked the Jordan IV's and V's, never actually owned a pair. Wish i did now ...
  13. Rippin colour!