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  1. That Torker is gorgeous Archy
  2. Looks great, quality build there. Like the line up and the photo with shed line up in the background has me curious
  3. Adding to the freestyle collection, something a little different - my custom 1987 GT Performer Bit of a story - this started off as a quick fix bike that I was planning to flog off using excess parts collected for my PFT build, I stripped it and then rattle can finished it with Dulux white. After sitting for a few months the Dulux white went yellow - I was pissed. Made a claim against Dulux and got a refund for the paint, clear gloss and materials to redo. Well over painting, and with Dulux funding, I handed it to Madman Pete and decided to do something a little different from factory by going a grey flake pearl white. From there the build got out of hand using all GT stamped components and other quality parts on it. I hand polished the power series cranks, GT sprocket, seat clamp, bulldog and stem which took forever. I also made up the storm trooper valve caps. 1987 GT Performer Frame, Forks & Bars GT "Cheese Grater" sprocket GT Power Series Cranks GT Seat Post GT Seat Clamp GT Axle Pegs Odyssey Gyro - NOS AME Round Grips Dominator Seat Dia-Compe 750 Center Pull Rear Caliper - NOS Dia-Compe Bulldog Front Caliper Dia-Compe Tech 128 Levers - NOS SDBMX Tronado Wheels Panaracer Freestyle Tyres Custom Storm Trooper Valve Caps Blue BMX Pedals
  4. Beautiful build there - well deserved BOTM
  5. Depends on pedals and the build in my opinion, they look good on the ACS Stroker and DX as they are integrated into the housing. With the exception of the KKT slim add-ons, i'm not a fan of the 'tacked on" chunky look reflectors, like what you see on the VP Bear Trap styles.
  6. Hey Rado, did you know that some of the old Alfa Romeos used Campagnolo mag wheels? Cheers for the comments guys
  7. great looking performer Rado
  8. My understanding is that it would be anonymous from entry through to voting and then the winners id is revealed - why not try it out?
  9. Thanks CDBMX, I always look forward to your knowledgable comments. Pretty much every part is Italian minus the tyres (French) and the KMC "loan" chain while the lightly rusted NOS Regina gets restored link by link - sigh! As for the brakes, keep an eye out on eBay Italy as they pop up now and then. Looking forward to seeing your parts collection grace some of your builds, Cheers
  10. Gorgeous JMC there
  11. Thanks again guys, this really is the icing on the cake after such a long-endless parts-searching build.
  12. Thanks to those that voted for me and thanks for the comments - very happy to have won BOTM with this build.
  13. 1984 Bottecchia Carnielli Swinger - 100% Survivor as found in Italy
  14. Amazing line up of survivors there CDBMX