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  1. Coming along nicely tack.
  2. I've done a few disc setups. Yes the freewheel adaptor works but will only work on the larger 31mm thread. Which is the 16t freewheel side. There are a few different caliper mounts on the market that slide over the axle and use the dropout slots to stop the bracket from rotating. There is a thread in the new school forum in relation to disc brakes.
  3. Your on the right track @slapanman I've been on fit since they started in 2000. I've still got all of them too. But not as many as you. Nice collection.
  4. Nice pair you got there @SLVRFOX
  5. I've got one also. Great bike to ride. What length top tube does it have?
  6. You should go ok with the 39t. It a bit harder than the 44/16. 36/13 is the equivalent of 44/16. The only place you'll notice it is tyre tap tricks. But by your profile pic it looks like you've got them down pat. Stewart.
  7. Gt ultra box by the look of it.
  8. Is it geared? Or a mtb or road bike? It looks to have pannier lugs and a gear cable tab.
  9. Give airborne a shot
  10. Nice job on the wheels and awesome saving in the wheels Tonka! Tyres are another place to save a bunch. Khe have some nice light tyres with Kevlar beads. I've run both the street and dirt tyres and liked them both. Stewart.
  11. That trls is a good looking rig @Gordy! I'm not quite a fan of white but I'm digging it. Nice one.
  12. Welcome aboard!
  13. Yep. They are a very capable engine.
  14. Oh my! Is that an LSA @BMX WORKS
  15. This is my wife's. But I pretend it's mine.